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9:55 club comedy

think you're funny?
We're always looking for new and experienced comedians...
- Do you think that the show "Friends" and wacky radio DJs are lame?
- Have you even been chided for making fun of the homeless and/or handicapped?
- Do you consider Arby's to be gourmet cookin'?
If you answered "yes" to all three questions, then you may have what it takes to become s struggling stand-up comedian. If you've never performed stand-up before but want to give it a try, then please call us for information, and we'll set you up with with a 5-8 minute showcase set sometime in the near future. If things go well, there may be more opportunities to perform more in the future, and you might even be able to earn a little cash, or at least enough to pay for a beer.
If you're an experienced comic looking for a new venue, please include references and a list of some venues you've previously hit up. If you have a tape, please keep it at home because our comedy booker doesn't have a working vcr.

Please direct any questions to:
(804) 878-0918